Academic Council



1. It plans the University educational policy, passes the mandate program and controls its implementation.
2. It passes the University annual activity report.
3. It makes an offer to the Council of Ministers for opening, reorganizing and closing down faculties, institutes, branches and colleges in the Medical University-Sofia structure.
4. It decides about opening, reorganizing or closing departments and services in the Medical University-Sofia
5. It determines the subjects, forms and degrees to educate and proposes the number of the students to be admitted.
6. It confirms or changes the qualification characteristics and curricula for specialists’ training according to the University degrees.
7. It determines the Medical University-Sofia research policy and decides on main questions of the organization and research.
8. It determines the structure of the Medical University-Sofia General Assembly
9. It determines the Medical University-Sofia staff policy, approves the Academic personnel job descriptions and adopts appraisal regulation.
10. It elects Vice-Rectors for the term of office by a Rector’s suggestion.

11. It decides on cooperation with higher schools and scientific organizations.
12. It passes and controls the Medical University-Sofia general budget.
13. It confirms the budget of the units annually within the Medical University-Sofia general budget.
14. It decides and announces competitions for regular assistants, associate professors and professors on the suggestions of the Medical University-Sofia main units.
15. It confers the honorary doctorates.
16. It confirms the internal regulation and Medical University-Sofia educational, research rules and other normative acts.
17. It works and introduces an evaluation and quality education keeping up system of the Medical University-Sofia academic staff including students’ opinion study.
18. It confirms the academic staff educational workload norms
19. It decides on the habilitated lecturers’ employment contract prolongation pursuant to the Law on Higher Education
20. It elects permanent and temporary commissions and other auxiliary bodies and determines their functions.


THE CHAIRMAN: Prof. Dr. Victor Zlatkov, MD


1. Acad. Prof. Dr. V. Mitev
2. Corr. Member Prof. Dr. I. Mitov, Ph.D.
3. Prof. Dr. V. Marinova
4. Prof. Dr. R. Girchev
5. Prof. Dr. E. Vodenicharov
6. Prof. Dr. O. Georgiev
7. Prof. Dr. G. Nachev
8. Prof. Dr. L. Stoyanova-Miteva
9. Prof. Dr. A. Savov
10. Prof. Dr. S. Zaharieva
11. Prof. Dr. I. Petkova
12. Assoc. Prof. K. Angelov
13. Prof. Dr. V. Hadzhidekov
14. Prof. Dr. D. Hinova-Pavlova
15. Ch.assistant Dr. S. Kalenderova-Vulkova
16. V. Kirkov – student


1. Prof. Dr. A. Filchev
2. Prof. Dr. M. Peneva
3. Prof. Dr. Rashkova
4. Prof. Dr. R. Ugrinov
5. Prof. Dr. H. Popova
6. Assoc. Prof. Dr.Pavlova
7. Dr. S. Yancheva


1. Prof. Dr. N. Danchev
2. Prof. N. Lambov
3. Prof. A. Zlatkov
4. Prof. I. Doychinova
5. Prof. I. Yonkova
6. Prof. V. Petkova-Dimitrova
7. Prof. M. Dimitrov
8. M. Valcheva – Student


1. Prof. Dr. Ts. Vodenicharov
2. Prof. M. AlexandrovA
3. Prof. Dr. K. Lyubomirova
4. Prof. T. Zlatanova, MD
5. Prof. A. Yanakieva
6. Ass.T. Dimitrov
7. R. Markova – student


1. Prof. Dr. V. Petkov